Serial Remote Control

This C# program is required to run the remote control program on the 3pi. Of course, this requires either the wired or wireless serial expansion. We highly recommend the wireless variant.

The serial remote control program

Another easy program to use! If you're using wired serial, connect the serial lines from the programmer to your 3pi (as well as the 6-pin ISP itself), and plug the programmer into your PC. Wireless serial (which we highly recommend) simply requires that you plug your Wixel module into your PC via USB, assuming the appropriate serial-forwarding apps have been flashed onto each Wixel. The default baud rate is 9600, and this should not be modified unless you change the baud rate in the 3pi program and the Wixel apps as well. Select the port you wish to connect to and click Open. If the port you want isn't listed, click Refresh first. Use the numpad arrow keys to drive the robot around. When you're done, close the port.

Note: we've encountered some situations where, if multiple keys (other than the numpad keys) are pressed, the robot will continue to drive even when the numpad keys are no longer being held down. To halt the robot, release all the keys and tap the numpad '8' key. In the meantime, we will look into a solution for this bug.

We've done our best to make this program as safe (and easy) to use as possible. Error situations are handled as gracefully as we can manage, but you should avoid doing something dumb like yanking out the programmer from either your PC or the robot during execution, and other things like that.