radio_multi Wixel Library

Finally, multi-Wixel communications without all that nasty channel-changing!

Another project that we simply didn't have time for until now, radio_multi makes it easy to communicate between multiple Wixels on the same radio channel. It supports unicast and broadcast messaging. Unicast messaging uses a simple ACK protocol to help ensure reliable message delivery.

Don't let all that talk bore you! Here is an example application developed to demonstrate our new library.

In this example program, every device has a unique ID and takes a turn being the "leader" device. Leadership is indicated by the solid-on yellow LED (admittedly, it is hard to differentiate the LED colours in the video). The leader attempts to reach as many other devices as possible, instructing them one-at-a-time to flash their green LED. This is done by a reliable unicast message protocol and is used to discover other available devices. Immediately afterwards, a broadcast message is sent to all devices simultaneously, instructing them to flash their red LED briefly. Broadcasts in this library aren't guaranteed, though, so not all devices will respond to that command 100% of the time.

After the broadcast, the leader Wixel instructs the next device in the sequence to become the new leader, and the cycle repeats. Over and over and over.

Please feel free to download the radio_multi library.