The library source code, demo app source code, and the precompiled demo app can be downloaded here (270 KB .zip).


The source code and .wxl files for the Flipbot and its remote can be downloaded here (30 KB .zip).

Project Paw Print

The source code for Paw Print can be downloaded here (600 KB .zip). This download includes everything you need to get this project up and running.

Project Tabletop

The source code, hex files and binaries for Project Tabletop v1.2.2 can be downloaded here (1.2 MB).

This download is a .zip file which includes the following.

  • Source code and hex file for Project Tabletop, available as both AVR Studio 4 and Atmel Studio 6 projects
  • Source code and binaries for all C++ and C# .NET utilities designed to support Project Tabletop
  • Source code and wixel app files for the Multi-Agent Grid Navigation project (all other Wixel-related content can be downloaded hereOpens in new window)

New features and fixes you can expect to see in version 1.2.2.

  • Added Atmel Studio 6 project file
  • Includes the source and compiled code for the entire Multi-Agent Grid Navigation application
  • Improved reliability of the expected sensor values for the grid-nav programs
  • Replaced the getUintValue() function with a more generic and flexible getValue() function
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when selecting an initial orientation for the grid-nav program
  • Shortened welcome message on the 3pi and changed it to indicate the Tabletop version number